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   Hello everyone !  Let me introduce myself. My name is Tanaphon Aeammueang, you can call me Ta, I'm 18 years old and I was born on Tuesday 24th of April 2001. I'm a Thai student studying in grade12 at International program at Pluakdaengpittyakom school, My major is English-Chinese. In my free time i like to use the internet, watch movies and listen to music.Doing these things help me learn and relax. In the future I want to be an interpreter because I  like English and I like to study languages. I would like to have a good career which brings stable a income,have security and be able to do some good things that can help others and inspire someone to make their dream become successful. Finally, I would like to tell you about my character, I'm attentive, patient and I'm always myself. 


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In this site ,I will tell you about my experiences in Wuhan,China.

  This summer trip my friends and I went to Wuhan,China to study and improve our chinese skill. We were in China from the 2nd - 15th of April 2019. We went with students and teachers from different schools. This was a very good chance for me to meet new friends and have more experience. I was able to see and learn  new things that I have never seen in my country before. I learned languages , culture and we also taught Thai culture to some of the Chinese people. That I met, Let see all fun I had on my trip!

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